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What to know about filing an insurance claim

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Car Accidents

Someone involved in a Georgia car crash probably doesn’t know what to expect beyond receiving support from insurance. Everyone has to purchase liability coverage to drive. Most people understand that can file a claim against the policy of the other driver who caused the collision.

What they may not understand is what that process typically involves and how fraught with risks it actually is. What can those involved in Georgia collisions expect from the car insurance claims process?

Timely processing is mandatory

The law in Georgia imposes very specific requirements on insurance companies. These businesses have an interest in keeping costs for the company low, which might involve denying or delaying payment on large claims. The law requires that companies operate in good faith by upholding the policies they underwrite. Additionally, insurance providers typically need to respond to claims related to car crashes within 15 days. There should not be an interminable wait if someone needs car insurance to cover vehicle repairs or medical bills.

Significant challenges are common

Unfortunately, while insurance companies are subject to numerous laws, they still largely operate on a for-profit basis. They have an interest in minimizing how much they pay. Those involved in a crash usually need certain information to obtain the best outcome during an insurance claim. They need to know the policy limits for the driver who caused the wreck. Policy limits represent the absolute maximum amount of compensation possible. No matter how severe the crash was, insurance companies will not pay more than the policy is worth.

The insurance employees handling a claim often do their best to negotiate settlements that are lower than the policy limits. People sometimes fall victim to tricks including lowball settlement offers or implicate themselves due to leading questions during recorded statements. Insurance providers may try to manipulate people into accepting far less than they could receive after a collision for the benefit of the company.

It can be very difficult for the average person to manage negotiating with insurance companies while simultaneously coping with significant injuries. As a result, getting the right help and learning more about insurance rules may benefit those involved in a Georgia car wreck.