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We Hold Negligent Day Care Providers Liable For Injuries To Children

At Hall & Collins Injury Law, we understand the violation of trust that a parent feels when their child suffers a serious injury as a result of abuse, neglect, or negligence at a child care or day care facility. If your child suffered an injury at a day care or child care facility, you need a lawyer with knowledge and experience to help you seek accountability and compensation.

One of the firm’s founding attorneys, Tim Hall, has a successful track record of obtaining justice on behalf of injured children and their families. To date, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for injury victims throughout Georgia. We want to help your family, too.

Answers To Common Questions Parents Have After Their Child Has Been Injured

Below, we have provided answers to some of the questions prospective clients ask us about day care injuries matters.

What rules must a child care facility follow?

There are special regulations that apply to child injury cases against day care facilities.

The regulations differ depending on the type of facility, and the classifications are as follows:

  • Family day care homes (3 to 6 children)
  • Group day care homes (7 to 18 children)
  • Child care learning centers (19 or more children)

Each type of day care facility has its own special set of regulations. “Bright from the Start” is the state agency that regulates these facilities. For a full set of the regulations, you can visit their website.

Will a state agency investigate my child’s injury?

Yes. If your child is injured at a child care or day care facility, the facility is required to report the injury to Bright from the Start. If the facility fails to report the child’s injury, the parent may do so. Bright from the Start will perform an investigation, which usually includes interviewing teachers, children and other witnesses at the day care facility.

Typically, the investigators will look for violations that may include the following:

  • Lack of appropriate cushioning material under and around playground equipment
  • Lack of the appropriate teacher/student ratio
  • Lack of appropriate training for the employees
  • Presence of dangerous equipment within reach of children at the facility, such as bottle warmers, cooking/heating equipment, etc.
  • Failure to follow the proper safety procedures

At the conclusion of the investigation, Bright from the Start will make a determination about any violations or other issues revealed by the investigation.

What is the lawyer’s role in these types of cases?

Once you decide to retain our services, one of our attorneys will make contact with the Bright from the Start investigator early in the stages of the investigation. The investigator can prove to be a valuable witness at the trial for your case. Further, we thoroughly investigate each day care facility’s history of complaints, injuries to children, and prior violations to determine any pattern of neglect or abuse. Finally, we are intimately familiar with the regulations and safety requirements for each type of child care facility. If your child suffered an injury at a day care facility, you will need a lawyer experienced in all of the above.

Can I get a copy of the investigation report?

Yes, you can. A parent of the injured child may obtain a copy of the injury investigation report by filing an Open Records Request and/or providing the appropriate releases to Bright from the Start.

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