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Motorcyclists crave the freedom that two wheels can afford – the freedom to let go of the stress of the world and become one with the road. This freedom should not come to a halt because of an accident. You deserve to share the road with motorists, and you deserve to be heard and seen just as much as those driving traditional vehicles.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney to protect your rights and pursue compensation for your pain and suffering. Call the team of motorcycle accident lawyers at Hall & Collins Injury Law for the legal representation you both need and deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Are Almost Always Severe

Motorcyclists tend to sustain more serious injuries than their automobile-driving counterparts because their vehicles are smaller and lighter, and they offer almost no external protection. Riders can and should take precautions like wearing protective gear, but no matter how much protection a motorcyclist is wearing, another driver’s negligence will almost always cause substantial trauma.

Common motorcycle accident injuries include:

In the complex cases of motorcycle accidents, your medical needs and injuries are not the only things worth fighting for. You are entitled to compensation to help you pay for lost wages, property damage and disability-related damages, in addition to coverage of hospital bills and follow-up doctors’ visits.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers of larger vehicles are often to blame for motorcycle crashes. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding and aggressive driving
  • Failure to keep a lookout
  • Passing bikers without leaving adequate space
  • Cars turning left in front of motorcycles
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving

Unfortunately, injuries are often made worse by the fact that some riders don’t wear helmets. In 1969, Georgia passed a mandatory helmet law. It is still in place and currently requires all riders and passengers, regardless of age and experience, to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. In addition to protecting you in the event of a crash, wearing a helmet also strengthens your case, as the defense will be unable to argue that you were partially liable for your own injuries.

What Is Georgia’s Motorcycle Helmet Law?

Georgia Code § 40-6-315 requires all motorcycle operators and riders to wear protective headgear that complies with the standards set by the commissioner of public safety. The rule is the same for those riding mopeds. In addition to being illegal, not wearing a helmet may impair your ability to recover full compensation for your losses, since that failure can be seen as contributing toward your injuries.

What Should You Do After A Motorcycle Accident?

Immediately call 911 and ask for assistance for yourself and anybody else who may be injured. If you are able, take photos of the scene, the damage to the vehicles, debris in the street and anything else you think might be important. Let the officer who arrives gather the identifying information and insurance details from the other drivers. Obtain medical attention for your injuries, and contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away.

It’s also important to know what you should not do after a motorcycle accident. Never discuss fault for the accident or say anything to the other driver or their insurer that could be construed as an admission of fault. Do not allow the other driver’s insurance company to pressure you into making a recorded statement, since your words may be twisted against you. Avoid posting about the incident or your recovery on social media, since your posts could be subject to scrutiny by the insurance company.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charge?

At Hall & Collins Injury Law, we know that our clients are often in a difficult financial situation after a motorcycle accident – but that should not stop them from seeking justice for injuries caused by another party’s negligence. Our motorcycle accident lawyers take claims on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you through negotiation or at trial.

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