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What To Know About Attorney Fees And Other Costs At Hall & Collins Injury Law

Before you hire any attorney, you have every right to know how much it will cost and what you can expect for your hard-earned money. At Hall & Collins Injury Law, we value transparency so that our clients can feel confident in their decision to hire us. An overview is provided below.

Hall & Collins Injury Law Works On A Contingency Fee Contract

We don’t get paid unless we are successful in collecting on your claim. If the claim is not successful, you do not owe us a dime and we front all of the costs of litigation. When we are successful, our fees are paid as a predetermined percentage of the amount we collect for you. This is the basis of a contingency fee contract.

Why would anyone agree to work based on a contingency fee? It’s pretty simple. This helps shift the worry involved in suffering a personal injury to us as your counsel. A contingency fee takes all the stress of pursuing your claim off of you and puts it on us. Simply put, we shoulder all the risks and the cost of litigation for your personal injury claim.

Your Recovery Starts With A Free Consultation

In addition to contingency contracts, we offer prospective clients a free initial consultation. This gives you the chance to listen to your story and explain your options in a no-obligation meeting. Then, you can make the important decision about the right law firm to trust with your personal injury case.

To learn more about how we can help you, call the office in Athens at 706-940-7889 or submit an online contact form. We serve clients across Georgia.