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Georgia property owners are responsible for more than simply paying taxes and abiding by local property ordinances. They must also ensure that their premises are reasonably safe for visitors and others who have permission to be on the property. When they fail to conduct inspections and address hazards in a timely fashion, others can get hurt and property owners can face legal liability.

If you were seriously injured due to the negligence of a commercial or residential property owner, contact our experienced lawyers at Hall & Collins Injury Law. Since 2003, Hall & Collins Injury Law has been aggressively advocating for personal injury victims throughout Georgia, recovering more than $75 million on their behalf. When you hire us, we will utilize our knowledge and experience to help you seek accountability and full compensation.

What Types Of Accidents May Be Considered Premises Liability?

The possible ways to be injured on dangerous property are far too numerous to list on this page, but some common examples are provided below:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents due to spilled liquids in a grocery store, resulting in spinal cord injuries
  • Trip-and-fall accidents in a department store due to carelessly placed merchandise and loose carpeting
  • Dog bites and animal attacks while visiting the property of the pet owner
  • Assaults and other crimes that occur because a commercial property owner fails to provide adequate security despite operating in a high-crime area
  • Escalator and elevator accidents at a mall stemming from a failure to regularly inspect and maintain the devices
  • Brain injuries caused by falling branches at an apartment complex because the property manager failed to do proper groundskeeping

Whether your injuries are legally actionable will depend on a number of factors. We encourage you to contact our office to discuss your options during a free initial consultation.

Proving Property Owner Negligence

To win your premises liability case, you’ll need to establish all of the following elements:

The property owner owed you a duty of care. You were on the property legally and the owner had a responsibility to ensure that the premises were reasonably safe and free of hazards.

The property owner breached their duty of care. They failed to carefully inspect their property and/or fix any identified problems that they knew or should have known could lead to injury.

The accident and your injuries were caused by the breach of duty. The owner’s actions or failure to act caused your injuries.

You suffered damages. The accident resulted in injuries and led to other losses like medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability, pain and suffering and more.

Proving all four elements can be tricky in some cases. Thankfully, when you work with a skilled attorney like ours at Hall & Collins Injury Law, you can focus on your own recovery while we handle all the difficult legal work on your behalf.

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