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Hall & Collins Injury Law Sues Zimmer Biomet for Defective Knee Replacement

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Firm News

During a total knee replacement surgery, our client had a Regenerex Series A Patella from Zimmer Biomet installed in his knee. One year later, he began experiencing pain and discomfort in the affected joint. Soon after, he received a letter from Zimmer Biomet informing him that his knee implant had been recalled. The following week, our client scheduled an appointment with his doctor and discovered the defective Regenerex Series A Patella implant was “floating loose” in his knee.

All 3 of the pegs designed to keep the implant in place had “sheared” off and caused metal poisoning (metalosis), blackening our client’s connective joints, and causing him to contract a severe infection in his knee. As a result of this severe infection, our client had to undergo multiple surgeries, medical treatments, and hospitalizations. During one surgery, doctors removed our client’s entire knee implant and “pumped him full of antibiotics.” For some time, our client did not have any knee implant installed and could not walk. His suffering lasted for months and years after his initial knee replacement surgery, and Zimmer Biomet is to blame.

Product Liability and Breach of Warranty Claims

Hall & Collins Injury Law helped our client sue Zimmer Biomet for pain and suffering, emotional distress, financial loss, and lost income. Not only did we file a product liability claim on our client’s behalf, but we also claimed damages for the breach of express and implied warranty.

Zimmer Biomet knew the implant was defectively designed, manufactured, and marketed, but the company did not care. The Regenerex® 3-Peg Patella was unsafe and unfit for sale and consumption. Because of Zimmer Biomet’s negligence, our client’s health and safety were jeopardized, and he suffered serious economic and emotional losses.

Sadly, this is not the first time Zimmer Biomet’s recalled knee implants have caused harm. The company’s defective products are unreasonably dangerous and defective. Because the company recalled the product, it has already acknowledged that its knee implant is unsafe.

We look forward to pursuing compensation on our client’s behalf. With over 50 years of combined experience and having handled more than 20 similar cases, we are confident in our ability to help.

If you have suffered similar harm due to Zimmer Biomet knee implants, we are ready to create a personalized case for you. Our team at Hall & Collins Injury Law will always be honest with you, and we are available 24/7.

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