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Hall & Collins Injury Law Sponsors Georgia Youth Athletics

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Firm News

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring two different youth athletic programs, both run by Adrian Penland. His passion for guiding and inspiring young people is exciting, and we are happy to help further his mission. When visiting the sites for his programs, you will see our firm’s logo among other organizations supporting Penland.

The first of Penland’s companies that we sponsor is North Georgia Elite Basketball. This organization is dedicated to providing a positive place for kids to learn about teamwork and develop a love of the game. It provides individual training, camps, and clinics, all dedicated basketball. Both boys and girls are welcome, and it targets kids from third to sixth grade.

Penland’s second company, Adrian Penland Basketball, organizes the High School All Star Games and the annual Showcase tournaments. The best players from around the state are personally invited to participate, showcasing the best Georgia has to offer.

Soon, the company will put on the 2022 North Georgia Allstar Classic. There will be three separate games:

  • Underclassmen (9th & 10th graders) – featuring 24 girls and 24 boys
  • Juniors – featuring 24 girls and 24 boys
  • Seniors – featuring 24 girls and 24 boys

Hall & Collins Injury Law is honored to help these events, giving kids a positive outlet.

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