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Filing a Claim for Defective Zimmer Biomet Regenerex Series A Patella Implants

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Firm News

What is Zimmer?

Zimmer Biomet is a United States publicly traded medical device company. They create a variety of orthopedic medical devices and joint replacements.

Zimmer Knee Implants

Knee surgery patients across the country are suffering due to inherent defects in the Zimmer Biomet Regenerex Series A Patella knee implant device. In spring of 2017, Zimmer Biomet recalled the device, but, for so many patients, it was too late. Removing the device after it has been recalled requires additional surgery, too, which many patients cannot undergo safely.

If you have suffered an injury or illness due to your defective Zimmer Biomet Regenerex knee implant, know that you are not alone. At Hall & Collins Injury Law, LLC in Athens, we are personally representing nearly two dozen clients who have suffered due to a knee implant failure. It is our mission to help bring them justice and peace of mind through successful lawsuits against Zimmer for producing the dangerous medical device.

What is Wrong with the Zimmer Biomet Regenerex Knee Implant?

Zimmer designed the Series A Patella to attach to the bone using three “pegs.” However, unlike traditional knee implant devices that use solid metal pegs with a porous coating, Zimmer decided to make the Series A Patella pegs porous – rather than solid – all the way through. As a result of the porous material used for the pegs, the pegs are not strong enough to last under normal conditions. Most are shearing off, usually within 6-to-24 months. Once the pegs shear off, the patella is totally detached and floating around the knee. The only solution is to perform a second surgery to remove the broken patella and replace it with a different patella.

How Patients are Suffering

Most of the clients are suffering from chronic knee pain, swelling, and long-term problems from the extreme metallosis caused by the malfunctioning implant. Metallosis is blood poisoning caused by metal particulates entering the bloodstream, resulting in bone degradation, nervous system failures, and tissue damage. When the patella part comes loose from the rest of the Zimmer Biomet Regenerex knee implant, it causes the metal components to slide against each other. Not only does this cause severe pain, but it also caused the metal to splinter inside the knee. Over time, the metal slivers seep into the bloodstream, causing metallosis.

While metallosis can be an issue with even a properly designed and well-functioning metal replacement joint, it is far more prominent in defective devices, like the one manufactured by Zimmer Biomet. The sheared pegs cause significant device failure, resulting in a rapid build up of metal particles in the blood.

What Can You Do as an Injured Knee Replacement Patient?

If you are suffering severe health consequences due to your defective Zimmer Biomet Regenerex knee implant, be sure to keep a thorough copy of your own medical records. If you have scheduled to have the implant removed, speak with your physician about keeping the medical device after it is removed. You do not need to immediately send it back to Zimmer Biomet, as it is technically your property.

You should also call 706-940-7889 to connect with Hall & Collins Injury Law, LLC. Our Athens knee implant failure attorneys would like to hear from you. We may be able to help you bring a claim against Zimmer Biomet, as we are currently doing for other patients in your area.

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