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Damages you may claim after a semitruck crash

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Being involved in a semitruck crash can lead to significant injuries that require urgent medical attention. These injuries can mean that you’re unable to work while you heal. In some cases, victims of these collisions may not be able to work again.

If a truck driver or another negligent party was responsible for the crash, you may opt to pursue a compensation claim. This is done by filing an insurance claim and/or a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. Some damages you may claim in the case for compensation include the following.

Medical care

Medical care expenses can become very expensive, especially when there are catastrophic injuries. These can include things like doctor’s visits, therapy appointments, mental health care and medications. You should keep proof of these expenses so you have it in case you need it.

Lost wages

If you’re unable to work right away or can’t ever return to work, you can seek compensation for lost wages. Determining the amount of this can be complex in some cases, such as if you make commission or tips.

Other damages

Other damages might also be possible. These include things like pain and suffering, emotional damage and similar points. Home and vehicle modifications may also be included in your claim for compensation.

One important consideration for these semitruck crash cases is ensuring that you include all current and future expenses related to the crash. It can be difficult to determine the amount, so it’s typically best to compare other cases with similar outcomes to see the amounts.

Working with a legal representative who can assist you with building your case and determining the types and amounts of compensation you should seek is critical. These cases can become complex. They may be able to work out a settlement that could save you time and effort, but this requires a strong case. These professionals can also take steps to shore up the case by using other resources, which may include expert witnesses or crash reconstruction. Given all that is at stake, pursuing compensation on your own is not likely to be a wise approach.