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How Traffic Tickets Affect Car Accident Injury Claims

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Car Accidents, Helpful Tips, Personal Injury

Impact of Traffic Tickets on Injury Claims Arising from Car Accidents

When a police officer investigates an auto crash, they may give one driver a traffic ticket, also known as a citation. If the officer issues a traffic citation, they are essentially creating a criminal case against the offending driver. If the other driver in a car wreck gets injured, they may bring an injury claim against the driver who received the traffic ticket. This creates a civil case.

As a result, many people wonder whether the outcome of a criminal case for traffic tickets impacts the outcome of a civil case for personal injury claims brought by injured drivers.

The short answer is no, a traffic ticket case result generally does not impact a personal injury case outcome. However, a guilty plea to a traffic ticket is admissible in a personal injury case. In a personal injury case arising from a car crash, the general rule is that the jury is not allowed to know whether either driver received a traffic ticket.

For example, Driver A runs a red light and crashes his car into Driver B’s car and injures her. A police officer arrives at the scene and issues a traffic citation to Driver A as a result. Driver A goes to court for the traffic ticket and pleads “not guilty,” but the judge finds him guilty and requires Driver A to pay a $100 fine as punishment.

Driver B then sues Driver A to receive compensation for her injuries. As such, the judge would not allow the jury to hear any evidence about Driver A’s traffic ticket, being found guilty, nor paying a fine.

The exception to the rule above is when a driver voluntarily pleads guilty to the traffic ticket. Referring to the example above, Driver A is admitting that he did, in fact, run the red light by pleading guilty. So, his admission of fault now becomes evidence in a personal injury case.

With this in mind, Driver B’s personal injury lawyer could admit into evidence a certified copy of Driver A’s guilty plea for the jury to see. In addition, the lawyer could cross-examine Driver A about his guilty plea to learn about the circumstances that lead to such a plea. What if Driver A simply paid the traffic ticket he received from the car collision? This question, among many others, could be addressed at a cross-examination in a personal injury case arising from a car crash.

The courts have ruled that paying a ticket fine without contesting the citation is equivalent to a guilty plea, so the traffic ticket would be admissible in Driver B’s injury case against Driver A.

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